From Robin Dile Cuneo:

Hello there! It is my complete pleasure to be the part-time pastor here, and we d love you to visit us. Technically, I'm a Commissioned Ruling Elder, which means I attended seminary for three years on weekends instead of three years full-time. We substitute in various pulpits for vacations or illness, and sometimes when a church is between full-time pastors.

Personal stuff: I retired early as a reporter (and religion writer, for a time) of the Erie Times-News after 25 years between my third and fourth spine surgeries. The doctors were great, but I attribute the fact that I'm alive and walking to the prayers of wonderful people such as you.

I'm a lifelong Presbyterian who grew up in the Titusville church. I was a member of the late, great East Greene Presbyterian Church, and am now a member at North East. I m a former moderator of Lake Erie Presbytery. I serve on the presbytery Committee on Ministry, and as moderator of the presbytery Nominating Committee, which means I'm also a member of Presbytery Council.

I live in Findley Lake, NY with my fabulously patient husband, Patrick Cuneo. He s a retired Erie Times-News editor who s enjoying a retirement job writing and editing at the Jefferson Educational Society. We re the parents of four dogs, five house cats and a number of feral cats, as well as some geese, ducks and pigeons. Stop by the office anytime you see my white HHR in the parking lot. Official office hours are Monday and Wednesday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., but I m here other times as well. Call me anytime at the church 899-1031, home (716)769-7394, cell (814)823-7765 (still learning to use it and take it out of the car.)

Thank you so much for inviting me to share your church life for a time. It s already a blessing for me, and I pray it will be for you as well. I m really looking forward to discovering what God wants us to do together!